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Post by smarens » Fri Jan 25, 2019 1:38 am

Welcome to all, please enjoy this forum and a huge THANK YOU to Mr. Mike Mooney who spent 13 years, his own money, lots of travel and bunch of time to protect and save the Griffith name as a brand, logo, image and Trademark. He is the sole owner of this intellectual property. It takes the right person to accomplish such a feat and our cars and us are better for it, thanks again Mike.

In the spirit of camaraderie lets use this Forum to welcome new members, help one another, reunite lost connections and promote our love for cars in general.

Please remember this is for fun, be kind and friendly to one another, this is not intended as a location to openly rant! Try to get along!

Lots of you have so much wisdom, please try to share for the betterment of our cars and each other, including new comers as we need to do our part to promote our hobby and usher in a new class of folks dedicated to cars.

Also we have a Facebook page to make it easier to publish current events and reach out to other, please "like" the page and you can be notified https://www.facebook.com/Griffith-TVR-349453225894205/
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