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Forum Rules

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WELCOME to the Drivetrain Forum. This forum is dedicated to the exchange of ideas about repair, rebuilding and modifying the engine, transmission, rear differential and other drive line items.

A few tips for newbies and even the veterans:

1) The SEARCH feature is your friend. The archives of this forum will eventually contain literally thousands of posts on specific subjects, many with detailed explanations and photographs. It's entirely possible that dozens of others have had your exact question before, and a quick, simple answer is available. To search, click the button labeled "Search" at the upper right hand corner, and enter a few key terms, then click go.

2) Remember the golden rule. Unfortunately, it is an inescapable fact that on the Internet, everyone is ten feet tall with an IQ of 250. It's also true that the subject of drivetrain items, particularly in the area of performance modifications, inspires people to be very passionate about their opinions and approaches. That's great, and that exchange of ideas is what makes this forum so valuable.

However, it's important to remember that the anonymity of the Internet is not a license for personal attacks, deliberate "flaming" or the advocacy of illegal behavior. Remember always that this forum is a privately funded and furnished to us at no cost, but remain adult-like and civil always. Try to never offend anyone with language or innuendos.

3) Drive Train related questions only. While often difficult to separate, questions relating to chassis tuning or other elements of performance are best answered in the Technical Forum. Please do not cross-post in multiple forums as this confuses those who come later and those trying to help you.

These guidelines are by no means intended to be an exclusive list but are intended to facilitate everyone's enjoyment of the forum.